Creating Awareness . Producing Results

Public Relations

The ComLine Group works closely to identify opportunities for effective public relations campaigns, and then crafts those campaigns for timely impact on the prospective audiences. We utilize a solid working knowledge of both traditional and more contemporary media to write and place our public relations materials.  

Our services include:

  1. Researching all appropriate media outlets for press release distribution
  2. Writing and distribution of press releases to both the general consumer media and all relevant trade publications.
  3. Follow up calls to all appropriate media editors and/or reporters to determine status of press releases, and pitch other story angles, etc.
  4. Arranging interviews with the media
  5. Article placement in appropriate media
  6. Distribution of video releases when appropriate
  7. Scheduling media event days as appropriate for clients.

Direct Mail and Direct Delivery Campaigns

A well designed and strategically implemented direct delivery campaign, whether by mail or door hangers, can effectively increase foot traffic for local retailers.

Our staff will work with you to design and implement a campaign tailored to the needs of your business. Our Direct Mail and Direct Delivery Campaigns include these services and more:

  1. The writing and preparation of direct sales and marketing campaign materials, both online and hard copy.
  2. The development and maintenance of direct mail campaign lists
  3. Coordination of printing and distribution with mail houses
  4. Tracking responses
  5. Developing cross marketing opportunities with strategic alliance to maximize the cost of direct mail campaigns.


Development of Strategic Marketing and Sales Alliances

The Internet is likely to be the first place you have to make a positive impression on potential new customers.  

Creating strategic alliances to increase business for all alliance partners is a solid business model that The ComLine Group embraces and promotes for our clients.

We design client web sites tailored to your specific needs, designed to produce results. Key elements include:

        1.    Visually appealing to capture and retain visitor attention

        2.    Desktop and a mobile site versions

        3.    SEO enriched sites

        4.    Informative  

        5.    Affordable

        6.    Easy to find

        7.    Quick to load and easy to navigate

Some of the key points that we use in developing these partnerships and alliances for our clients are:

  1. Identifying all strategic marketing and sales alliances to extend market reach for a client to new marketing opportunities not normally within the framework of a client’s existing target audience
  2. Developing the contacts and rapport with the potential strategic marketing and sales alliances
  3. Creating the proposals and/or agreements on behalf of the client for the new strategic alliances
  4. Developing a tracking system to determine the ROI for the strategic alliance
  5. Developing all appropriate public relations to promote that alliance

Strategic Marketing Plans

The ComLine Group understands that your organization has specific needs to succeed.

We strive to development a strategic marketing plan for you that includes:

  1. The development of sales and marketing materials
  2. Public relations
  3. Web site and online marketing
  4. Direct mail campaigns (email and hard copy)
  5. Advertising
  6. Event sponsorship or participation
  7. Point-of-purchase marketing plans.
  8. Strategic plans include timelines, distribution channels for materials, projected budgets and follow up evaluations.

Marketing Analysis

Every successful marketing program begins with the determination of the market conditions for the product(s) and/or services the company offers or is proposing to offer.

This includes:

  1. General consumer market analysis
  2. Business-to-business analysis
  3. Buyer demand
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Pricing  
  6. Distribution analysis

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an integral part of a total marketing program.  We work closely to engage your target audience, building messages that encourage response, build rapport, and establish customer loyalty.


The ComLine Group strives to develop consistency of message between your social  media marketing and other elements of your marketing program.  We actively keep  up with all major and emerging social media platforms, including, but not  necessarily limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Manta, Foursquare, Pinterest and more.  Our services include regular postings to the appropriate accounts  as well as regular monitoring of the accounts and timely responses to customer inquiries.

We look forward to developing a successful relationship for you and your clients through our social media marketing programs for you.


Event marketing can be one of the most successful ways to reach your target audience.

The ComLine Group knows that effective events require a well integrated pre-event plan, a well organized event, and a thorough follow-up program. Our marketing services for events include:

  1. Researching all appropriate events for client sponsorship or participation, including trade shows, seminars, conferences, exhibits and demonstrations, open houses, and other events
  2. Development of all collateral materials for the event, including brochures, signs, give-aways, and response pieces, etc.
  3. Pre and post-event publicity and target audience communications and call to action.


The ComLine Group works closely with clients to secure sponsors for events and programs.  

We work to build strong relationships with the sponsors that create win-win opportunities for all involved. Our sponsorship services include:

  1. Identifying key potential sponsors for events for clients
  2. Contacting and securing potential sponsors, negotiating terms of sponsorships
  3. Seeking sponsorship opportunities for clients, and negotiating the terms of the agreements
  4. Developing appropriate publicity for clients to promote their sponsorships of events, programs, etc.


The ComLine Group recognizes the unique challenges and needs that non-profits face.

We apply our full range of marketing and communications skills to help non-profits meet those specific needs.  These services include all the traditional marketing and communications services we offer, along with the full array of social media programs to capture the largest possible audience of potential donors and volunteers.

We also understand the cash follow concerns that many non-profits face, which is why we offer special rates on our services to these organizations. We look forward to applying our expertise and offers to your nonprofit organization to help meet your growth goals.