Creating Awareness . Producing Results

Our Team

Each member of our team contributes their unique talents to delivering your projects on time, on budget and with the confidence you look for in promoting your organization.

Our Commitment

We understand the commitment and dedication you have to your business, and we work closely with your staff, no matter how large or small, to provide that same commitment to all aspects of your communications, development, and marketing programs.

Your Growth

Together we maximize every opportunity to ensure that your organization reaches its fullest potential.  Contact us today to see how we can improve your bottom line with a custom communications, development or marketing program tailored to your company's current and future needs.

Welcome to the ComLine Group

The ComLine Group specializes in providing affordable, targeted, fully integrated marketing, business and sales development and communications services for small and midsize businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our goal is simple: to build your organization’s growth through strategically planned and implemented marketing programs, client engagement, business development and communications. Each organization is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to create and implement programs tailored to your specific needs.

By functioning as your "in-house" marketing department, we achieve that goal without the high overhead of a full time communications and marketing department.